From smart reordering to portable condition monitoring systems: At Balluff’s competence center 106 developers worldwide are involved in creating software solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things.

100 Years of Balluff: Measurement accuracy time

< 1 µsec

is the shortest response time (real-time response) that a Balluff system can guarantee. This incredible speed is achieved with Real Time Industrial Ethernet interfaces, which are used in vision systems and magnetostrictive position measuring systems.

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100 Years of Balluff: Web Shop


Interruptores de leva – means “cam switch” in Spanish. Cam switches are one of the many product groups in the Balluff Web Shop. The Web Shop is available in more than 30 countries and translated into 14 different languages. What’s special about it: The Balluff Web Shop has the same look worldwide.

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100 Years of Balluff: Measurement accuracy distance

0.5 µm

is the smallest distance that a Balluff sensor can measure. The sensor is the BML magnetic encoder S1H.
0.5 µm is 0.0005 mm – for comparison: A hair is around 0.05 mm thick.

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