227,411 BIS C122-04/L RFID data carriers were sold in 2020. This means that the product sold an average of 19,000 units per month. The BIS C data carrier is established as the standard for tool identification.

100 Years of Balluff: 1000 BTLs in use


Balluff has equipped 1,000 wind turbines from Shanghai Electrics with three magnetostrictive linear position sensors (BTL) each. In the offshore wind farms off the east coast of China, these monitor the tilt angle of the rotor blades.

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100 Years of Balluff: BCM multifunction sensor


The Balluff condition monitoring smart multifunction sensor can measure different states: Vibration, contact temperature, relative humidity, ambient pressure and its own temperature, operating hours and start cycles.

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100 Years of Balluff:


From 1950 to 1981 the former Managing Director of Balluff, Eduard Hermle, was president of the Esslingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as such left his mark on the economic region. He was particularly interested in the training of junior staff. For example, he was an early advocate of the introduction of training to become an industrial foreperson to ensure good work supervisors in industrial companies.

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