A matter close to Balluff's heart:
Promoting young talent

What do I want to become and how do I want to work? Training and dual study programs offer direct entry into a company. At Balluff, the training opportunities are diverse and the new training year has just started.

At Balluff, training has always had a high priority. “We will continue to maintain this in the future,” emphasizes Managing Director Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle. “Step by step, we accompany our trainees on their way into their professional lives. And this has been the case for decades.” In the beginning, Balluff primarily offered training in mechanical professions, but later the range was expanded to include training in the commercial field. The quality of the training is reflected in the many awards Balluff has already received for its training program.

Matching supply and demand

Above all, Balluff has always offered a modern training program that reflects the current requirements of industry. For example, as early as after World War II, the then Managing Director and President of the Esslingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eduard Hermle, advocated for training as an industrial foreperson.  This was because the increasing full mechanization and automation of industrial companies was a challenge. Advanced technical knowledge and, above all, leadership skills were in demand. The 900-hour training program for industrial forepersons imparted both in roughly equal measure.

Keeping up with the times

This is and remains the be-all and end-all for Balluff as a training company. Balluff has therefore recently reviewed and expanded its training content with regard to digitalization skills. “We want to prepare skilled workers for working in a smart factory as early as the training stage,” explains Stegmaier-Hermle. Balluff has therefore integrated specific IIoT topics such as cloud computing, rapid prototyping, and network technology into the training and a few years ago incorporated additional qualifications in the area of digitalization and programming via the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A wide range

Balluff currently offers six training programs in Germany for electronics technicians, IT specialists for application development and system integration, mechatronic engineers, e-commerce and industrial management assistants. In addition, there are seven dual study programs, for example in mechatronics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, digital business management, and computer science. In all cases, the up-and-coming talent learns practical skills in the company in addition to the theory. “As a modern family business, we are committed to promoting young talent. We integrate the new young employees directly into the company’s daily routine and want to make our corporate values tangible right from the start with various programs,” explains Caroline Rank, head of apprenticeship and personnel development at Balluff. With the 18 new employees who started in September, the number of trainees and students at the company has grown to 82.

Trainee and study days

We want to prepare skilled workers for working in a smart factory right from the start of their training.

Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle, Balluff Geschäftsführerin

Prepared for the profession

Balluff attaches great importance to ensuring that its junior staff learn skills from the very first hour that will support them throughout their entire working lives. On the one hand, this concerns the training content, but also the teaching of soft skills and methodological knowledge. For example, the Fit for Future training program has been created, in which all trainees and students participate. The topics covered include business etiquette, data protection, occupational safety and health in the workplace. But programs such as PowerPoint, rhetoric, stress prevention or Balluff products are also covered.

Promoting and challenging young people

As a modern, global family-owned company, Balluff wants to make the training offered as attractive as possible and respond to the needs of young people. Thus, the three principles of personal responsibility, teamwork and communication apply and the young people themselves take responsibility for their learning progress. They work together in a non-hierarchical and interdisciplinary manner and use various digital communication tools such as cloud-based wikis or project management tools and e-learning offerings.

Training then and now

While the content has of course changed over the years and today, for example, the focus is on the topic of digitalization, other things are still the same: For example, trainees today document their training progress in a report booklet just as they did back then – only in digital form.

100 Years of Balluff:

For many years, the former Managing Director of Balluff, Eduard Hermle, was president of the Esslingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as such left his mark on the economic region – from 1950 to 1981. He was particularly interested in the training of junior staff.

100 Years of Balluff: Careers

Your career at Balluff

Committed employees are the key to success. That's why at Balluff we emphasize long-term cooperation based on trust. All the while providing the best working conditions worldwide, so that you can achieve your ideas.

Driving innovation

From a workshop for bicycles and sewing machines in 1921 to a sensor and automation specialist for the Industrial Internet of Things: Constantly evolving and not being content with the status quo is what sets Balluff apart.

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