Entry into automation

On behalf of the mechanical engineering company HELLER, in 1956 Balluff developed an electromechanical switching device – the cam switch.

With the development and production of the cam switch (BNS) Balluff completed the transition from a simple manufacturer of mechanical precision parts to automation technology producer. Up until then, there were still no electromechanical switching devices for electrical control systems that had worked under the harsh industrial environments of a machine tool. The BNS satisfied the basic requirements as a part of a precise electrical control system, something that hadn’t been done before. These requirements included low wear-and-tear thanks to precise mechanics, high switching accuracy in the range less than 0.01 of a millimeter, a long service life with at least ten million electrical and mechanical switching operations, and impermeability (IP67) against aggressive media such as drilling water and cooling fluid.

Driving innovation

From a workshop for bicycles and sewing machines in 1921 to a sensor and automation specialist for the Industrial Internet of Things: Constantly evolving and not being content with the status quo is what sets Balluff apart.

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