From a name to a brand

The Balluff logo has changed several times in its 100-year history. Some changes were more substantial than others. The word Balluff transitioned from the name of the founder Gebhard Balluff to the word and figurative trademark representing openness.

The Balluff logo not only stands for the family name of the founder; its design also represents the original values of the Balluff brand. The current logo stands out due to its open design. That’s because the value of openness, along with other corporate values such as quality, progress and reliability, were key to the development of the logo and updated brand identity in 2016.

The development of the Balluff logo also reflects the history of the company. Founded as a workshop for mechanical repairs, the company was named after its founder Gebhard Balluff. The original logo consisted of the initials GB. As the business grew to be more international, the emphasis was placed on the full family surname – concise, easy to pronounce and unique.


100 years of Balluff - from a name to a brand

Driving innovation

From a workshop for bicycles and sewing machines in 1921 to a sensor and automation specialist for the Industrial Internet of Things: Constantly evolving and not being content with the status quo is what sets Balluff apart.

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