From youngest to oldest

With its trainee program Balluff supports children and young people with different projects and arouses their interest for technology. Trainees and students of the company can pass on their knowledge to younger staff.

Experimenting with magnetism or building a lemon battery – the children do all this in the “Technolino” program, a project of Balluff’s trainee program. The “From youngest to oldest” strategy goes beyond kindergarten age. With projects in elementary school and high school students build on skills already acquired, and the interest for technology is sparked in children and young people. “We view youth development as our social responsibility. This is why we provide support in the area of education at an early stage”, explains Managing Director Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle. For Balluff, the commitment itself is also an advantage: “We are proud that students will often subsequently apply to work with us. And in this way we can counteract the skills shortage and make ourselves independent of the external recruitment market”, explains Caroline Rank, who is responsible for the trainee program at Balluff.

Driving innovation

From a workshop for bicycles and sewing machines in 1921 to a sensor and automation specialist for the Industrial Internet of Things: Constantly evolving and not being content with the status quo is what sets Balluff apart.

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