Hands-on Smart Factory

At the Balluff Polish location in Wrocław, customers can dive directly into the world of Industry 4.0.

Hands-on Smart Factory — Balluff in Wrocław makes it possible to experience and to learn. The Polish sales branch was founded in the city on the river Oder more than 20 years ago to strengthen customer contact in the industrial region. In 2013, the go-ahead was given for the so-called Technology and Application Centre. In the showroom and associated training area, customers can immerse themselves directly in the world of Industry 4.0. “In our Smart Factory and the associated modern production line, visitors can see examples of how Balluff products make intelligent production possible,” explains Paweł Stefański, regional vice president Central Eastern Europe, “and they also learn more about the operation of the individual elements. It’s a new dimension of experience.” This transparency of the production processes is important. “We inspire our customers to integrate innovative solutions into their business and thus strengthen their competitiveness,” Stefański said. Higher flexibility and greater efficiency, that is the declared goal.

Driving digital transformation forward

There is a wide selection of real-life examples in the Wrocław showroom. Technologies such as IO-Link, RFID, machine vision, and condition monitoring are used in the model production line. Viewing and direct application are possible on site or after registration online. Balluff’s Smart Factory was created as part of the so-called Level 4.0 — a digital innovation Hub in Wrocław financed by the Polish Ministry for Economic Development, which aims to promote the digital transformation of companies in the country.



Current Location

Wrocław, Poland

Number of employees


Departments on site

Sales, Logistics, Service Centre, Marketing, Finance, Human Re-sources

In our Smart Factory and the associated modern production line, visitors can see examples of how Balluff products make intelligent production possible. It’s a new dimension of experience.

Paweł Stefański, Regional Vice President Central Eastern Europe

Practical relevance is also a top priority for Stefański and his team. This is made clear by the regular workshops in the training centre for customers and employees, which focus primarily on successfully implemented Industry 4.0 solutions. The task is clear: to provide holistic training and support, especially for complex projects. New products and solutions are constantly being introduced: “We are currently adding our new all-in-one solution for condition monitoring as well as the Balluff Engineering Tool that allows for a quick and easy configuration of IO-Link devices,” said Stefański.

100 Jahre Balluff: Shanghai Electric

A strong tailwind

Modern wind turbines are extremely efficient thanks to automated power control. Balluff position measuring systems are used worldwide to make them work.

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