In your view, how is digitalization changing the role of human workers in production?

Balluff can look back on 100 years of company history, but what will affect the industry in the upcoming years? How will Balluff cope with challenges in the future? Read what industry experts have to say on these subjects here.

Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle, Balluff’s Managing Director

Digitalization improves processes in production, especially for the employees working there. It simplifies things and provides orientation, making it easier for employees to make decisions. Digitization helps companies avoid downtimes and failures. I see it as a benefit for people. Of course, in the future some tasks will no longer be performed by human workers, but that has more to do with automation than with digitalization. And it is not new. Wherever automation is brought in, it may well be that previously an employee used to do the job, but not necessarily so. This is because the tasks that are automated today sometimes simply exceed human capabilities, or the working conditions involved would be unacceptable for humans. Above all, I see a possibility for Balluff to push ahead with developments in this direction and strengthen the competitiveness of our customers. I’m confident that digitalization is going to make a difference in many areas.

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