Is the automation industry ready for new business models, Mr. von der Ropp?

Balluff can look back on 100 years of company history, but what will affect the industry in the upcoming years? How will Balluff cope with challenges in the future? Read what industry experts have to say on these subjects here.

100 Jahre Balluff: Zukunftsfrage Georg von der Ropp

Georg von der Ropp, CEO of BMI Lab AG.

New business models, which create additional value, are welcome in every industry. Digitalization in the automation industry is also leading to new customer needs, which can be flexibly addressed through service models based on data or software. Other factors include increasing demands on transparency and sustainability. Whether new business models are used depends on the customers for whom the value has to be discernible. The automation industry is driven by technology and has a strong tradition regarding product innovations. New business models, therefore, represent an opportunity for differentiation from competitors. What can we learn here from the consumer sector? In companies it’s also people who choose a new solution. Apart from functional and economic requirements, emotional needs also play a role in this respect. The user experience must also be considered for industrial customers. For example, the expectation of being able to act everywhere at any time using mobile apps. At Balluff new business models are not developed in a laboratory, but during direct exchanges with customers and partners. The traditional strength as a technology company must be supplemented by new competencies – new business models can then be permanently successful.

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