Making contact

Trade fairs are extremely important for discussions with customers. Balluff has always had a strong presence at trade fairs.

Whether regionally, internationally, for specific industries or for industry as a whole: Trade fairs play an important role for sales at Balluff. Experts hold discussions and ideas are formulated – communication takes place there. The objective is to show interested parties what Balluff can do and impress them with the company’s solutions. Balluff achieves this objective – preferably live and on the spot, but also digitally and in a virtual environment.

100 Years of Balluff: Fashion in the past and present

Off with the tie!

Off with the tie! The tie as part of business fashion is increasingly being replaced by a casual style. However, it is still an absolute necessity on some occasions. A brief history of business fashion in the past and present. When you look at certain things and ignore the overall picture, they sometimes appear strange.

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