What must the industrial sensor of the future be able to do, Mr. Nonnenmann?

Balluff can look back at 100 years of company history. But what will affect the industry in the coming years? How can Balluff cope with challenges in the future? You can read the answers by industry experts here.

100 Years of Balluff: Future question to Frank Nonnenmann

Frank Paul Nonnenmann, managing director of Balluff

The industrial sensor of the future must be even smarter for the IIoT. By this I mean that all sensors must be able to be connected to cloud-based control systems. For me, the issue which is still unresolved, is whether there will still be a classic PLC control in ten to twenty years. However, I’m sure that a lot more action will take place directly in the cloud. For Balluff this means: We must move with the times – and I think that we are on a good path here and are testing our products for IIoT readiness. Irrespective of the networking aspect, I wonder whether there will be the one sensor in the future. I can imagine that we will differentiate here according to the motto “good, better, best”. Because a sensor does not always have to meet all price and customer requirements at the same time – it depends on the right choice in the individual application. Furthermore, I think it is important that sensor systems are platform-based in the future – this is the only way we can scale our solutions effectively.

100 Years of Balluff: Future of the sensor

Ready for the next level

Digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are influencing the future of sensor technology. At the same time, they are also changing customer expectations. Balluff is responding – with new ways of working and thinking.

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