Mr Fröschle, what will production look like in future?

Balluff can look back at 100 years of company history. But what will affect the industry in the coming years? How can Balluff cope with challenges in the future? You can read the answers by industry experts here.

100 Jahre Balluff: Zukunftsfrage ARENA2036 Froeschle

Peter Froeschle, Managing Director of ARENA2036, the innovation platform for future mobility and production

Data will boost production in the future. Data will not only continually provide information on the condition of machinery, they will also help to improve products. Transparency within production will increase. IT systems will ensure that every really small screw, every label and every material is digitally represented. Sensors will also become even more intelligent. We will be able to control and adapt distributed, decentral production systems through their complete traceability in real time, thereby increasing quality substantially. The more parties from the supply chain included in this system, the smoother the processes will become. Customers will also play a key role in this respect: Their feedback can be used to enhance the product since the process does not stop after production. All in all, cooperation in open platforms and networks will become increasingly more important for data exchange since they will ensure a new form of security and transparency from which everyone will benefit.

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